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Neurospace transfusion.

The performance shows a live blood transfusion between two
compatible persons, who are playing a game proposing an immersion
inside a network virtual reality.
Each player is put on a drip with a solution of sodium chloride and an
interspecific neuro-mediator: the dimethyl-serotonine for the first player
and pinoline for the second; each dip is personal and is regulated by
each player. (these two neuro-mediators are psycho-active substances,
naturally present in tne human system.)

The direct transfusion creates an open circuit between the two
protagonists, a binomal blood network which leads to an exchange of
information. The act of playing starts many physiological reactions
which are transmitted from one player to the other, via all the endogen
chemical mediators through blood circulation.
The action of the perfused psycho-active neuro-mediators whose
dosage is self-managed, alters at first for the receiver, the physiological
reactions, while continuing to operate on the psychical activity as a
doping substance. Secondly, the psychotrope action of these exogene
neuro-mediators, entering the second protagonist’s system, leads to a
psychic pertubation, caused by the potentiality which comes out from
the meeting of the two neuro-mediators.
This psychotrope influence determines a bio-chemical strategy to be
adopted by the two protagonists.

We have imagined, as a conclusion, the game being transposed in a
personal imaginal environment , influenced by the transmission of
endogene, exogene, internal and external mediators.
This transposition will follow a creation, developped on the basis of an
association of the two personal environments, inside a cybernetic

This performance which should be made in real time during exhibitions,
stands on the limits of the possibilities of direct applications, showing
the common vision we share with Professor Warwick and the subject,
increased by a corelation with shamanism.
We are working with a surgeon on the subject, from a strictly technical
and medical point of view. The operation is feasable but of course,
concerning ethics, the debate is to be started